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Antique Dreamcatcher
Antique Dreamcatcher
Antique Dreamcatcher

Antique Dreamcatcher

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  1. Material: Wicker and natural wooden beads, feathers.
  2. High-quality and lightweight.
    1. Meaningful: The Indians believe that the air of the night is full of floating dreams and the wisdom left by the ancestors, both good and 
      bad. Dream catcher filters it, so that only a beautiful 
      dream can enter our dreamland. There is a round hole 
      in the middle of the net. It is said that only a good dream 
      can pass through the hole and flow down the feathers, 
      and the nightmare will be trapped in the net. In the next 
      morning, the sun shine in the early morning, and the 
      nightmare disappeared without leaving a trace.
  3. The dream catcher represents good luck and peace. It's an ideal gift for someone you love.
  4. Full length: 40 cm. Cycle length: 11 cm. Long feather: 10-15 cm.
  5. Boho chic and gypsy: Bohemian and native American style.
  6. Use: Home or Car Wind Chimes.
  7. Package List: 1*Dream Catcher Hanging Decorations*